Manor Stables (Parko g. 5)

Since 2006, at the former stables of the Prince M. Ogiński’s Manor annual International Michał Ogiński Festival is being held. It opens on the last Saturday of August. Music reigns here for a whole month. One day of the festival is dedicated to the memory of M. K. Čiurlionis. The initiators of the project are Plungė Mykolas Oginskis (Michał Ogiński) School of Art. Residents and guests of the city have a rare opportunity to listen to youth orchestras in a concert Rudens akvarelė M. K. Čiurlioniui (Autumnal Watercolour for M. K. Čiurlionis). On that day, over 160 young performers from music and art schools of the Samogitian region gather on stage joining in a string orchestra. Under the baton of maestro Stasys Domarkas and conductor Tomas Ambrozaitis the orchestra creates a magical music domain. On that day of the festival Čiurlionis “returns” to Plungė.

The International Michał Ogiński Festival is a unique musical phenomenon of the 21st century, showcasing a harmonious synthesis of classical music and the historical environment of the Michał Ogiński Manor.

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