Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis Route. 4th group of compositions

Near Merkinė by Varėna–Merkinė road. A group of three sculptures and a bench. A. Valuckis’ Mąstytojas (Thinker) is of geometric shapes, encompassed by face and ornamental reliefs, covered with a cross roof. Moving, angled bells are hung on the top of V. Savickis’ roofed pillar Varpinė (Belfry), and P. Raudis’ weathervane is raised above a wide cross roof. S. Karanauskas’ sculpture Keturi karaliai (Four Kings) displays carved bas-relief composition with an allegorical content and a figure of Čiurlionis, topped by an arch frieze and a conical roof with carved suns. Čiurlionis’ words are carved on the massive bench made by K. Nemanis.

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