Ensemble of sculptures on themes of M. K Čiurlionis’ art and the history of Varėna

An ensemble of 7 oak sculptures is situated next to the road and the bridge crossing Merkys river and leading from Senoji Varėna (Old Varėna) to Varėna. From this place Vytautas wrote a letter to the Grand Master of the Teutonic Order, M. K. Čiurlionis was born here, here Merkys meets its tributary Varėnė, the namesake of the city. J. Videika’s sculpture depicts the land of Varėna raising a child with blowball of dandelion in his hands, surrounded by birds often seen in Čiurlionis’ paintings. The ensemble also includes R. Gudliauskas’ Medsargis (Guardian of Trees), A. Lastauskas’ Lietuvos dainius su kanklėmis (Lithuanian Songster with Kanklės), E. Motiejutis’ Vytautas su sakalais (Vytautas with Falcons), P. Malinauskas’ Varėnė, A. Juškevičius’ Upių santaka (Confluence of Rivers) and K. Žlabys’ Geležinkelietis (Railwayman) dedicated to St. Petersburg–Warsaw railway, which was instrumental in the development of the city of Varėna. S. Truncė decorated  the sculptures with wrought metal suns.

1. Pramotė Varėnė (Progenitress Varėnė). Author P. Malinauskas

2. Vytautas su sakalais (Vytautas with Falcons). Author E. Motiejutis

3. Lietuvos dainius (Lithuanian Songster). Author A. Lastauskas

4. Čiurlionio gimimas (The Birth of Čiurlionis). Author J. Videika

5. Medsargis (Guardian of Trees). Author R. Gudliauskas

6. Upių santaka (Confluence of Rivers). Author A. Juškevičius

7. Geležinkelietis (Railwayman). Author K. Žlabys

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