Location of the Manor’s former music school (in the territory of M. Ogiński Manor park)

Around 1873, Michał Ogiński established a music (orchestra) school in his Manor and formed an orchestra involving 35–50 musicians. Supported by family friend Józef Markiewicz, M. K. Čiurlionis (14 years old) attended Michał OgińskiManor Orchestra School in 1889–1893. From 1892, as a flutist of the orchestra, he received not only maintenance but also a salary.

The two wooden buildings where the Manor Music School was established have not survived. In the place of Music School a decorative roofed pillar made in 1990 by folk masters J. Major and J. Šakinis was erected. The lyre carved in the roofed pillar is an ancient Greek string instrument, a symbol of poetic creation and inspiration. Lyre also was used as an emblem of the Plungė Orchestra: it decorated the collars of the uniforms of the Plungė Orchestra musicians. Three brushes and a violin key are carved on the roofed pillar, above the lyre, thus commemorating the beginning of M. K. Čiurlionis’ creative path in Plungė.

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