Colonnade and monument at the Prince Ogiński’s former residence (central part of Rietavas Manor homestead)

In the 19th century, by the care of the Princes Ogiński the educational, cultural, scientific, technical innovations and social transformations spread from Rietavas throughout both Samogitia and Lithuania. M. K. Čiurlionis has repeatedly admired the view of this Manor and the fabulous conservatories.

The economic turmoil as well as cultural and intellectual decline caused by World War I had devastating consequences for the fate of this cradle of manor culture. In 1938, the Manor and conservatories turned into a wasteland.

Only at the beginning of the Lithuanian Revival, during the implementation of the program dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the first public power plant in Lithuania, the portico colonnade and ornate lights of the parterre were reconstructed, and some of the foundation’s conservation works were performed. In 2015, to mark the 250th anniversary of Michał Kleofas Ogiński, a monument created by the sculptor Regimantas Midvikis with a joint dedication In the Bright Memory of the Ogiński Family was erected in front of the colonnade. The name of Michał Ogiński, the patron of M. K. Čiurlionis, is also included here.

Rietavas manor homestead. Palace of Dukes Oginskis (1915)

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